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Fishing Flies: What Works

Posted on March 24 2007

After attending a rather chilly L.L. Bean fly fishing demonstration last week, Nick Mills is inspired to consider what makes his own “secret” waters so productive. “‘I’ve spoken to anglers coming out of the pool who confided that they had been killing ‘em — killing ‘em! — on a Great Golden Goosefly, or somesuch. Size 6. ‘They’re going for the big stuff,’ they whisper. I nod, head for the pool, and start killing ‘em on size 20 beadhead cream midges.” On
By the way, Mills mentions listening to Macauley Lord talk on fly fishing for smallmouth bass. Besides being a smallmouth expert, Lord is one of the top casting instructors in the world. You’ll find three of his excellent articles on fly casting on MidCurrent: “Beyond Competence, Part I,” “Beyond Competence, Part II,” and “The Elements of Style.”

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