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Fishing TV Launches Channel Dedicated To Conservation and Campaigning

Posted on August 23 2016

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 10.59.51 AMFishing TV, the Video On Demand platform for anglers, has launched Planet Fish, a channel dedicated to highlighting the campaigns and causes that matter to fly fishers, whether that’s encouraging new people to the sport, conservation or the work of people using fishing to help address curing social and health issues. The channel is an addition to the service’s existing offering, with channels dedicated to fly, carp, coarse and match, predator and saltwater fishing.

“I’ve been fishing since I was a very young man,” said founder Rae Borras. “In that time I have come to see that the fly fishing community, when mobilised, is a great force for good in the world. Anglers are passionate about their sport and about protecting it, and we want to provide a platform that will both help environmental campaigners to raise awareness for their particular cause, and make it easier for anglers to get behind  those efforts. We also want to celebrate the people who work so hard on behalf of us all to research and understand the challenges facing the species we love.”

“We want to draw attention to the ability of fishing to improve people’s lives, whether that’s finding new friends or helping them to rehabilitate after an accident or illness. We hope that this new channel will help anglers to understand the issues and areas of concern around their hobby and inspire them to take accountability/ responsibility for what they do, be that by releasing fish more carefully or actively campaigning on an issue.”

The films in the box on the left embody what Planet Fish is all about. The channel contains films and videos from organisations like Wild Trout Trust, California Trout, and Conservation Hawks as well as documentaries about organisations dedicated to promoting the sport such as International Women Fly Fishers.

Planet Fish, and all the other Fishing TV channels can be found at The Fishing TV app for phones and tablets can be downloaded from iTunes and the PlayStore, and installed on various makes and models of SmartTV. Fishing TV is also available on various streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV Stick.

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