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Fishpond and RIO Products Collaborate on Tippet-Loaded Headgate

Posted on April 03 2017

Fishpond and RIO Products have announced their collaboration on creating the Headgate Tippet Holder. The Headgate is made from anodized aerospace aluminum with a built-in line cutter and holds five RIO Powerflex tippet spools.

Read more in the press release below.

Fishpond and RIO Products Collaborate on Tippet-Loaded Headgate

fishpond rio headgate

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (March 27 2017)RIO Products, manufacturer of fly line, leader, and tippet, partners with Fishpond, maker of fly fishing and outdoor adventure gear, to create the Headgate Tippet Holder loaded with five RIO Powerflex tippet spools.

The updated Headgate, designed and manufactured by Fishpond, will come in RIO-inspired colors and with 2X-6X Powerflex tippet spools. The Headgate is made from anodized aerospace aluminum with a built-in, replaceable line cutter. The secure spring opens easily to slide spools on and rubber washers hold the spools in place.  

RIO’s Powerflex Tippet is made from co-polymer PTFE coating and its light grey color increases its camouflage on the water. With 30-yard spools of 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, and 6X, the loaded Headgate is ready for any trout fishing situation.

“We have a long history with RIO and we really enjoyed collaborating on this project together,” said Fishpond co-owner, Ben Kurtz. “RIO tippet is second to none, and we saw this alignment as a great opportunity.”

The RIO Fishpond Headgate Tippet Holder will be available this month for a retail price of $39.95, meaning one spool of tippet is free through this collaboration.

About RIO Products

RIO is a pioneer in developing fly lines, leaders and tippet material to enhance fly fishing experiences across the globe. Offering premium fly lines for both freshwater and saltwater fishing applications, RIO consistently utilizes field experience and scientific testing to create the best products on the market for anglers. Founded 20 years ago in the mountains of Idaho, RIO continues to develop innovative products, design revolutionary tapers and refine performance-driven fly line technologies. For more information about RIO Products, please visit Connect with us through Facebook, Instagram, and Vimeo.

About Fishpond

Fishpond is a worldwide brand of products designed and manufactured for fishing and outdoor enthusiasts. Fishpond was created with the philosophy that innovation, design and a responsibility towards the environment from which we draw our inspiration is critical to our success. For more information, Connect with us via Facebook and Instagram.

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