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Fishpond Westwater Large Rolling Duffel

Posted on July 29 2016

Fishpond Westwater Large Rolling Duffel Review
Gear for your gear. Photo: Jason Whiting.

As you might except, while running fly fishing lodges in several different countries, one thing we see a lot of throughout the year is luggage.. More specifically, fly fishing luggage!

As far as we’re concerned, quality luggage is just as important as the gear you’re toting. After all, high end rods, reels, and the like are only as good as the shape they’re in when you arrive to your destination! We’ve used a lot of different bags over the years, and one piece we’ve come back to time and time again is the Fishpond Westwater Large Rolling Duffel. We’ve logged a lot of miles with it, and still really dig it, and here’s why.

  1. It’s Water Resistant. When you’re headed to a rainy environment, the last thing you want is a bag full of soggy clothes because your bag had to sit out in the rain while in transit. Good fishing locations are generally surrounded by water.. And water is, well, wet! That means there’s a good chance your bag could be subject to rain, mud, snow, you name it. The Westwater duffel is made from a durable waterproof fabric with water resistant zippers to keep your gear dry until you’re ready to get wet.
  2. It’s Big. With approximately 6,400 cubic inches of internal space, this bag can fit your waders, boots, and virtually all the clothes you might need, regardless of whether you’re heading north or south.
  3. It has wheels. Bags get heavy! And when you have seemingly miles of airport to walk through between flights, hotels, and across tarmacs, the last thing you want to do is sling all of that weight over your shoulder. With a retractable handle, and heavy duty wheels (plenty sturdy enough to run over the gravel bar we might add), this bag makes that “heavy” sticker TSA slapped on the side of it travel along with ease.
  4. It’s Light-ish. Most large roller-style bags typically weigh up to 10 pounds or more. The Westwater duffel weighs 8 1/2 pounds which helps tremendously when trying to avoid fees for that 51 pound bag.
  5. It’s Simple but Dependable. One we’ve learned about luggage is that more often than not, simple is best. Excess straps, outer pockets, tie downs, and so on typically don’t last through the abuse that most traveling anglers tend to put on them. The Westwater duffel has a nice clean outer, which we really like. Plus, it’s made with same attention to detail from Fishpond that we’ve really grown to trust.

So, before you head off on your next fishing trip to a rainy climate (or anywhere for that matter), check out the Fishpond Westwater Rolling Duffel and help keep yourself from ever worrying about wet gear again!

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