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Florida Bonefish Get “Rock Star” Status

Posted on April 08 2011

The old rules that allowed anglers to keep one bonefish a day are now history. On Wednesday the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission issued new regulations that allow only the temporary “possession” of a fish for pictures and for live-well transport in some tournaments.

“‘Bonefish is one of Florida’s “Rock Star” species,’ said FWC Chairman Rodney Barreto. ‘These new rules will elevate the status and protection of bonefish in South Florida and make it easy for anglers to document a record catch and enjoy bonefish fishing tournaments.'”

Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, which played a large role in getting the new rules established, said yesterday: “BTT is pleased that the Commissioners saw the value of the recreational bonefish fishery in the Florida Keys, and moved to enhance the status of the fish and fishery. FWC staff worked diligently with BTT to address any concerns expressed by anglers, including tournaments. BTT sees this as a very positive step for bonefish conservation in Florida.”

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