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Fly Fishing Retailer Day 1 – More Cool Gear

Posted on September 11 2009

This is a new piece of gear that you’ll hear more about soon.

This morning we continue our coverage of the Fly Fishing Retailer show with a couple more new product updates for our first day.

Titan Rod Vault
We spent some time this afternoon checking out the Titan Rod Vault. This product falls into the ‘why hasn’t somebody done it sooner?’ category. It’s a ‘vehicle rod and reel transport system’ – aluminum tubes connected to a lockable molded plastic housing that totally encases your rods and reels when you’re carrying them on your truck’s roof rack, or in your boat. We’re hoping to fit this things into our boats at Alaska West.

Look past the somewhat funky web site – this thing seems like a good option.

Rio Skagit Flight Shooting Heads
Rio was the pioneer of Skagit-style shooting heads – for a few years their Skagit line and Skagit heads were the standards for Northwest-style spey lines designed to deliver heavy heads and big flies to anadromous fish.

We talked today to Simon Gawesworth about Rio’s next-generation Skagit line, which will be out in the next couple of months. Dubbed the Skagit Flight, these heads are still short and heavy, but they’ve got an actual front taper and more mass concentrated near the back end of the head. These two traits should translate to easier casts that turn over more consistently.

We’re getting the full ‘song and dance’ from the Sage/Rio/Redington crew tomorrow – more to come on this one!

Our Fly Fishing Retailer coverage will continue through the weekend.

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