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Fly Fishing Stocking Stuffers

Posted on December 21 2015

Fly Fishing Stocking Stuffers
Probably better under the tree.. Photo: Kyle Shea.

Christmas is right around the corner, and while there are many great holiday gift guides out there, what about the stocking stuffers?

Fly rods don’t fit too well in a stocking, so to help you out this holiday season, today we present you with 15 inexpensive stocking stuffer ideas for the angler on your list.

Happy Holidays!

15 Fly Fishing Stocking Stuffer Ideas

  1. Shark Tooth Tippet/Cutter Retainers. The best way we’ve found to tame your tippet spools. Here’s a hint, the larger red and yellow sizes fit pesky Maxima leader wheels really well. Pick them up here for only $4.95 per 2 Pack.
  2. Hair Ties. AKA Rod Straps, hair ties or elastics work great to keep your broken down rod together while hopping from run to run. Pick him up a pack and save him a trip down the cosmetics aisle.
  3. Disposable Len’s Cleaning Wipes. Dirt, Boat spray, sunscreen, and everything else can get your fancy fishing shades pretty dirty over the course of the day. These disposable lens wipes work really slick to take everything from salt to fingerprints off in one step. Only $13.75 for 200.. Yes, 200.
  4. Loon’s Stanley’s Ice Off Paste. ‘Tis the season! For the angler who gets after it even when the temperatures dip below freezing, this paste works wonders to keep the ice off the guides when fishing in cold temperatures. $7.50 per container.
  5. Easy Carry Duct Tape. We don’t have to tell you how useful duct tape is, but carrying around a massive roll of it can be a little cumbersome. These handy little rolls fit easily in any pack or vest, so they’re ready whenever you need it. Only $4.76 for two 50 inch rolls.
  6. Angler’s Image Magnetic Hook Box. Do you have a spey fisherman on your list? Particularly one that likes to fish tube flies? Get them this, and explain, “honey, it’s for all your stinger hooks.” Trust us, they’ll like it.
  7. Gold Bond Powder. Don’t let stinky waders get you down! A little gold bond powder in your waders each morning will keep your waders fresh.. Or at least smelling that way. Available at your nearest drug store, or right here online.
  8. Airlock Strike Indicators. For the nymph fisherman, you can never have too many indicators, and we think these are some of the coolest on the market. Find them here for $7.99 per 3-pack.
  9. Hand Warmers. Tuck one of these in your wader or jacket pocket and keep that off hand toasty while swinging for steel this winter. Available at most fly shops, sporting good stores, gas stations, and the like. Or, hit the link to pick them up online.
  10. Plano Boxes. There’s a lot of expensive fly boxes out there, but our favorite way to organize a whole bunch of flies (especially salmon and steelhead flies) are simple Plano boxes. We like the 3600 model, which will only set you back $3.99 per box right now on Amazon.
  11. Prismacolor Markers. Buying for a fly tyer? Be careful, fly tyers can be pretty fussy about their materials. However, these permanent waterproof markers available in a whole bunch of fishy colors are a pretty safe bet. Great for barring materials or touching up flies for only $4.95 each.
  12. Aquaseal Adhesive. The ultimate wader repair adhesive, aquaseal is as good as gold as far as we’re concerned. At $9.95 per tube (a little goes a long way), we don’t think any cold water angler should travel without it.
  13. Bull Frog Mosquito Coast. Bug spray and sunblock are always good to have in the boat bag. Bull Frog’s Mosquito Coast is a handy combination of sunblock and insect repellent. Plus, it’s deet free, so it’s safer on your gear as well.
  14. Zap-a-Gap Super Glue. We use ‘Zap’ for everything from fly tying, to securing knots, to sealing up minor cuts on the water. It just might be one of the most useful products to the fly fisherman, and we don’t think any angler can have enough.
  15. Transpore Surgical Tape. Waterproof, stretchy, breathable, this tape works great in and around water for everything from stripping guards to first aid. Only $4.33 per roll on Amazon.

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