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Fly Fishing Video: Joan Wulff on "The Hand and the Arm"

Posted on July 01 2008

The hand and the arm — they are, after all, the gears driving any good fly cast. Tip control, proper application of power, and even the particular style of presentation all begin with mastering the fundamentals of hand and arm control. Joan Wulff considered it so important that she began her now-classic instructional DVD “Dynamics of Fly Casting” with a discussion of role of the arm and hand in the casting stroke.
We’re lucky to have permission from producer Jeffrey Pill (whom you probably recognize by now as the producer of “Why Fly Fishing” and Gary LaFontaine’s “Successful Fly Fishing Strategies”) to begin showing segments of Wulff’s “Dynamics” on MidCurrent. Wulff has the remarkable distinction of having taken the art of fly casting to its highest level while remaining able to explain complex techniques in the clearest, simplest terms. “The Hand and the Arm” is an example of why she has had such a tremendous impact on fly casting instruction.

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