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Fly Rods: TiCrX Conversion OOPS

Posted on February 03 2007

Turn your Temple Fork 9-foot 7/8 rod into an 11’3″ two-handed rod with the new TiCrX conversion kits, which cost $149.95 and carry the same TFO unconditional lifetime warranty as all their rods. The two-hander kits replace the butt section of the single grip rod with two rod sections. Read the extended entry for the full press release.

Press Release:
February 1, 2007
TiCrX Two-Handed Convertible Fly Rods
Its big water, the amount you can cover often makes the difference between catching fish and getting skunked. A two-handed rod with a shooting type head can make this job much less taxing than banging out double hauls all day. As the day progresses, you decide to move to smaller water or stalk cruising fish in the shallows; this is where all that double haul practice and a great one hander pays off.
Temple Fork Outfitters introduces a most unique concept… Imagine a two-handed rod and a 4 piece nine foot rod that will fit in the same length case. TFO now has two lower rod sections designed to replace the single-handed grip section on existing 7 and 8-weight 9’ 4-piece TiCrX fly rods. With a total of 6 rod sections of equal length you can now have both, a great 9’ 4-piece traditional fly rod, and a 5-piece 11’3” two-hander for easy overhead distance casting. Convertible rods.
TFO Advisory Staff member Jay Horton states, “I have fished these TiCrX convertible rods hard over the past two-years for Great Lakes steelhead and Cape Cod stripers and blues, and am amazed at the versatility of the combos. Super-light overhead casting rods for blind casting the saltwater estuaries, or great line control for nymphing steelies, these rods do it all in an incredibly compact and efficient package, and you get both rods for less money than you would pay for many single handers.”
Offered separately from the 9’ 4 piece rod, the TiCrX two-handed conversion sections include a full two-handed grip with Flor grade cork and heavy-duty knurled reel seat, large Titanium Oxide stripping guides and handsome rod sock. Suggested retail for the TiCrX 7/8 conversion kit is $149.95 and features TFO’s lifetime unconditional warranty; simply return the damaged rod with $25 for shipping and handling, and we will repair or replace your rod.
Please ask your local dealer about TFO or visit our website for more information
Jim Shulin
Temple Fork Outfitters
8115 Sovereign Row
Dallas, TX 75247
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