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Fly Tying with Twist Ties

Posted on June 25 2013

Fly Tying Tip - Twist Tie
Kevin’s twist tie holds reverse marabou away from the head.  Photo: Jordan Sly

We’ve got a three-way post today – Jordan Sly weighs in from Alaska West with a great, practical fly tying tip he picked up from angler Kevin Harris.

Thanks guys!

Tying with Twist Ties

I’ll be adding a couple twist ties to my tying kit after watching Kevin Harris tie a couple flies in the lounge last night here at Alaska West. When tying a fly with marabou, ostrich, or honestly anything that won’t stay in a material clip, just pinch it down to the shank with a twist tie. It’s super fast, easy, and keeps everything out of the way.

No need to twist it up – the wire should keep its shape. I prefer the twist ties that look like thin pipe cleaners because I feel they hold the material better and are more gentle.

Reverse marabou flies anyone?

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