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Free the SnakeIt’s time we #FreeTheSnake. Snake River Salmon have...

Posted on July 02 2015

Free the Snake

It’s time we #FreeTheSnake. Snake River Salmon have been trucked, put on barges, diverted up fish ladders – all in the hope that enough would get by four dams to reach their historic habitat. But, It’s not working. Four deadbeat dams on the lower Snake River have put the local salmon on the brink of extinction.

Free the Snake is the latest example of Patagonia’s heightened focus on rallying global support around critical backyard conservation initiatives. We’re drawing on two main sources of inspiration: the sports we love, which allow us to spend time in nature, and the grassroots activists working in their own communities to protect their piece of the planet, which Patagonia has supported for years through the grants program.

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