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GEAR REVIEW - Practical Power Sparkr Wick Lighter

Posted on December 07 2019

I can be kind of a sucker for a well done Kickstarter push and when Practical Power ran their campaign last year to introduce both the Sparkr Wick Multipurpose Lighter and Sparkr Flip Lighter, I supported the project by ordering a couple for our family to use.

Fast forward a few months (and then a couple more months as you know how Kickerstarter campaigns can go sometimes...) and two of the Sparkr Wick lighters arrived on the doorstep.  The whole family has been using these inside and out to light candles, camp stoves, wood fires, propane burners and more with all us of being completely impressed.  These work great and I haven't struck a match in months.

The Sparkr Wick is easy to use with three button pushes to turn on and off, hold the button down to light and it quickly charges by USB.  We've found that the Sparkr Wick will lasts for weeks (depending on how many times it's used) between needing to be charged again.  I like having the distance between where my hand is and where the electric lighter is and the flameless dual arc plasma beams (sounds like something from Star Wars) are windproof making it perfect for outdoor use.

The only issue that we've had with ours is that you have to make sure that the four points are clean and that the arc plasma beams can connect.  If one of the points gets a little candle wax (or something else) on it then it can cause an issue but a quick cleaning will have it working properly again.

I know that this is just a quickie gear review but the Sparkr Wick Multipurpose Lighter is priced at $30 and would be a perfect Christmas present idea for someone who might have everything.

Visit the Practical Power website to check it out along with their other products.

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