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Gear You Need: Sharpie Extreme

Posted on October 03 2015

Sharpie extreme for fly fishing.
Be extreme. Photo: Kyle Shea.

We’ve mentioned in the past that it’s a great idea to always carry a permanent marker with you on the water. A simple felt-tip permanent marker can be used for everything from modifying flies in a pinch, to camouflaging your leader, to adding contrast to a strike indicator.

At the vise, permanent markers have even more uses, far more than we’re willing to list here.

To the frugal fly fisherman, the uses of a permanent marker are endless. However, for a sport in which our gear spends 99 percent of it’s time either submerged in water, rolling around in the mud, or cooking in the sun, we think ‘permanent’ is a little optimistic.

That’s why we were pretty excited when Sharpie recently released a new marker called the Sharpie Extremepromised to “resist fading when exposed to harsh UV rays, rain, snow, and even mud.” Call us a sucker, but that sounds like our kind of sales pitch. We’ve hopped on the band wagon and think you should too.

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