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Get Loused

Posted on December 29 2012

Get Loused
Very, very fresh. Photo: Cameron Miller

A subtle reminder of what those little critters above the anal fin of a Western Alaska or Dean salmon and steelhead really mean – you’re holding a mega-fresh fish that exited saltwater very, very recently. That’s both flat-out awesome and probably a good reason the battle was so epic.

But, since we’ve honestly got the luxury of comparison at our lodges, let’s go one bigger.  The next time you encounter a sea-loused fish, check out the lice real close. Do they still have tails longer than ¾ of an inch? If so, that likely means your fish came screaming in on the last tide exchange and by some wild fate, you two met each other within an hour or two of that fish’s entry. Pretty cool, huh?

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