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Posted on August 04 2015

Mark this one up in the Instagram win column of someone that I started following on the Bug Wild Instagram  page some time ago and who's quickly created more for himself than just a social media page.  Daniel Seaman of Bug Wild Fly Company is now on Facebook and working towards a website to offer his flies for sale.

A couple months ago Daniel sent a couple "GLASS IS NOT DEAD" Deer Hair Divers and along with it a step by step tutorial on how they were made.  The thought process was for me to keep a diver and then give one away.  Look for that on the T.F.M. Instagram page soon.

The full tutorial was kind of a coding nightmare to copy over into the post, so if anyone would like to read it word for word, please send an email and I'll send it along.

Daniel wrote...  "Tying with deer hair takes A LOT of patience which is the one thing that I have none of.  Thankfully, there is a wealth of information available from some of the world’s greatest fly tying artists on the topic of all things deer hair bugs. 

When I first got into tying, I saw some divers from Pat Cohen of Super Fly online somewhere.  I just thought they were the coolest things I had ever seen and I knew I had to try it for myself.  After a few miserable attempts trying to duplicate his creations, I finally purchased his instructional DVD and the “Fugly Packer”.  A few attempts later I was getting the hand of the process.  Now, after a few hundred bugs, I have gotten to the point I am at now.  Though I am still no Pat Cohen, I do make a fishable bug." 


- Strong Vise with powerful jaws
- Partridge of Redditch 2/0 or 4/0 Hook
- Veevus GSP 200 Denier - Gel Spun Thread
- Danville’s Flatwax Nylon
- 30/40/50 Pound Mono - Weed Guard/Tail Support
- Fugly Packer Hair Ptacker
- Hair Stacker
- Select Deer Hair
- Super Glue or Zap-a-Gap
- Deer Creek UV Resin
- Stick On Eyes - CCG Eyes or Deer Creek Eyes
- Tail Material
- Double Edge Razor Blade
- Long Blade Scissors
- Curved Blade Scissors

Here we go with step by step images on how the Comrade Deer Hair Diver came together.

Be sure to follow the Bug Wild Fly Company on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with what he's twisting up on the vise.

Contact Daniel at to place an order for some flies.

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