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GOLDEN WITCH - For Rodbuilders & Restorationists

Posted on February 08 2017

There is a growing number of rod builders, hobbyists, and restorationists who are always looking for something different to set their build apart from others.  It's great to build a fly rod but if you can make it look like it's one of a kind, then it's just that much better.

One source for all things specialty rod building is Golden Witch Technologies and it's worth checking out their website as you plan your next build.  Below are a few images that highlight their many specialty components which just might spark an idea for your next fiberglass fly rod build.

Please visit the Golden Witch Technologies website to see more of what they offer and consider making your next build stand out with their many specialty components.

P.S. More information will be posted in the future, but The Big Bamboo & Glass Bash is coming up in September and will be a who's who and what's what gathering of rod builders from all over the world.

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