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Grasshopper Products Introduces the Seatmaster

Posted on March 17 2011

The Seatmaster is Grasshopper Products’ newest product following on the success of their Monomaster. It is a compact, lightweight device that converts any wading staff (hiking stick, ski pole, umbrella, golf club, etc.) into a stool.

It was originally designed with older anglers and post-operative anglers in mind, but it quickly became evident that it would be useful for anglers of all ages that wanted to rest while they continued to fish. It is also useful for backpackers as they no longer have to take off their backpack or sit on the ground if they need to take a short break. An additional function for hunters means that the Seatmaster can quickly convert a hiking pole into a shooting stick.

The Seatmaster is about the size of a small water bottle so it can fit into the webbing of a pack or slide into a pocket. It also comes with a D-ring so a carabina can be attached. With longer wading staffs the user can rest against it as a sort of perch. For poles with adjustable length, the user can sit directly on top completely resting their back and lower joints.

To use, the user simply pushes the Seatmaster down on top of the staff and it engages a locking mechanism that keeps it attached. The user can then enjoy the wide 9-inch wide sitting area. If you need to move to a different position, you don’t have to remove the Seatmaster, you can simply raise the arms of the seat and it provides a useful handle. It is designed to fit on almost all kinds of handles, wide, narrow or those with an ergonomic grip. MSRP $29.95.

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