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Guiding Oprah: "She's a Quick Study"

Posted on November 03 2010

Even if you are not a fan of day-time talk, you might want to record this afternoon’s Oprah show that features the hit-maker’s recent trip to Yosemite, where she fished with guides Brian and Jenny Grossenbacher. The Grossenbachers were tasked with teaching Oprah and Gayle King how to fly fish on the Merced River, where Brian told us the conditions were “extremely tough” during the hour or two they had to shoot because of low water end-of-season water and the crowd of “producers, camera men, security, well-meaning fans and paparazzi” in attendance.
“I was able to catch a few fish while scouting the day before the shoot. But I was throwing 14-foot leaders and fishing tiny emergers,” he told us Friday. “Oprah was a great study though — she picked up everything very quickly and got intensely involved in what was going on.”
Kirk Deeter also spoke with Brian for Fly Talk: “”I could see how she’s attained the success she has,’ [Brian said]. ‘She’s extremely focused and driven. There was zero ‘diva factor’ and zero attitude. She was all ears, and had casting down in minutes. Beyond that, she was a genuinely gracious person to be around.'”

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