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Guilty (Not Really) Pleasure

Posted on April 20 2015

It wasn't to many years ago that I thought fishing with ultralight spinning rods and crickets was somehow not "real" fishing.  Whatever.  Have a couple children and the taste for a weekend fish fry and it all makes perfect sense.  This is a guilty pleasure that I just don't feel guilty about at all anymore. 

There were a few proud dad moments on this trip as both children suddenly wanted to learn to do three things... 

First, put their own crickets on the hook even though Hadley thought it was gross.

Second, each of them wanted to cast on their own which meant more than a couple casts wrapped up in the trees and I was thankful they were both using the ever sturdy Featherlight spinning rods.

And third, once a bluegill or bass was caught, they wanted to figure out how to get the hook out.

I guess once they learn how to clean up the mess of bluegills caught then my job will be done.  This part is not likely to happen anytime soon...

We went home from the pond with a YETI cooler nearly full of bluegills on ice and after a couple hours of cleaning fish after fish yesterday morning, we had a tasty fish fry with our family last evening with a pot of grits, green beans, and a small piece of buttermilk pie for dessert.  It just doesn't get much better than that.       

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