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Hadley Wrynn's Carolina Wren

Posted on December 08 2011

Our daughter's name is Hadley Wrynn and from time to time we call her our "little wren bird" which in turn has given her a bit of a connection with these small brown birds that we find around our yard.

A couple weeks ago I emailed tattoo artist and custom fly tier Pat Cohen of Super Fly, knowing that he's already done hmmingbirds, and asked if he could spin up a Carolina Wren fly.  Pat said he'd give it a try and it wasn't but a couple days later that he emailed these images showing off his perfect work.

The Carolina Wren fly arrived the other day, and though I had planned on giving it to Hadley as part of her Christmas, I couldn't wait and gave it to her early.  She was completely astounded by this fly creation and it's become part of her collection of special things on top of her bedroom dresser.

Check out the Super Fly website for more examples of Pat's most excellent work and flies can be purchased in the Super Fly Store as well.

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