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Posted on February 08 2017

Hammerhead Shark on South Andros.
Nature can be humbling. Photo: Kyle Shea.

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again – A great fishing trip is about more than just good fishing. A bit cliche? Yes, but true nonetheless.

In fact, one thing we feel many anglers (ourselves included) take advantage of at times on Andros South is the staggering variety of wildlife swimming around in our waters. We get it, it’s easy to get tunnel vision while scanning for your next bonefish. However, it’s worth the reminder every now and then to take a step back, look around, and appreciate the surroundings and its inhabitants.

With that said, whether you’re laser focused on bonefish or not, some things are hard to miss.. You know, like a big ol’ hammerhead shark.

We don’t see them very often on South Andros, generally only when running in deeper water from flat to flat, but when we do, it’s nothing short of impressive.

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