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Hatch Backing Review

Posted on January 18 2013

Hatch Backing
Your next backing. Photo: Lucas Carroll

At the International Fly Tackle Dealer show last year we got to play with some new backing by Hatch that at the time seemed to be a little bit out of left field.  We walked by the Hatch booth thinking “Really?  Dacron is fine.  Anglers who need tons of capacity can use gel spun.  Does the world need a new kind of backing?”

Then we stopped by to learn more about the stuff and play with it a little bit and we quickly came to the conclusion that “of course we’re going to use this stuff on all of our reels”.  It’s available now, so today you get to hear about it!

Adam Kryder put together the video below while rigging up for a trip to Andros South and you should definitely watch it.  Thanks to Adam and Lucas from Raw Water Productions for the moving pictures.

Here’s the quick rundown.

  • It comes in one break strength – 68 lb – with a diameter smaller than 20 lb dacron.
  • It feels like dacron, only smoother.
  • It knots really easily, and they say it doesn’t mildew or break down.

NOTE: If you’re viewing this in a newsletter or a reader, click here to see Adam’s video on our web site.

You can pick up a spool directly from Hatch right here.  It’s $29 for 100m – not exactly cheap, but for what may be the backing you put on once and use for everything, the value sounds pretty good to us.

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