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Hatch Outdoors Introduces New Finatic Reel Series

Posted on September 07 2011

Hatch Outdoors Finatic

I’ve been singing the praises for Hatch reels for several years now, and have literally fished these reels from Alaska to the tip of South America, up and down the Baja, and many places in between.  Cold, hot, salty, icy, sandy, sloppy… it doesn’t matter.  The drag system is fully sealed, the tolerances on the frame and spool connection are near perfect.  Hatch reels are seemingly bomb proof. They’re also attractive, made in America reels that you can fish a hundred days a season, and still plan on handing down to your kids someday. So I was a little worried to hear that Hatch was tinkering with the design to create a new Finatic series.

But what Hatch did was address the one consistent beef that I heard from some anglers— the reels are a tad on the heavy side, according to some. Not the Finatic. Hatch basically made the reels about 10-15 percent lighter, which may not sound like much, but it is noticeable in the hand, and especially when hanging off a reel seat on a fly rod. As such, the design/look is also slightly tweaked, but the guts of the reel is still that silky smooth starting, ultra dependable drag system—and that’s a very good thing. Available in a wide range of sizes for freshwater and saltwater fishing, Finatics will sell for $350 to $900.

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