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How Many Escapees Does a Jailbreak Make?

Posted on April 30 2008

While the international farmed fish industry is congratulating itself every time it cuts the number of fish that escape from pens in half, we wonder just how many fish it takes to spread a virus or a sea lice infestation into the wild. Surely it is less than 404,000.
Meanwhile Canadian author Taras Grescoe has penned a new book on the subject of which fish are good — and which are not so good — for your stomach and for the planet. Bottomfeeder (Bloomsbury USA, April 2008, 336 pages), which will be released on Saturday, suggests that sticking to sardines and anchovies is healthier and preserves fish stocks. “At the core of his book is the notion that humans would be healthier and fish stocks in better shape if we ate more oceanic bottom-feeders – small fish and crustaceans such as sardines, anchovies, mackerel, squid and octopus – whose stocks are thriving in the absence of their overfished predators, big fish such as tuna, cod and sharks.” Heather Sokoloff in The Globe and Mail.

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