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IFTD 2018 Gear Coverage: Fishpond Switchback

Posted on July 12 2018

We always expect innovation and catchy looks from Fishpond.  What’s neat about this idea is that it takes a piece of gear we all take for granted and treat like a commodity—the wading belt—and gives it some slap-your-forehead functionality.  Why not… right?

For the minimalist angler, it’s perfect.  Now the belt is also a back support.  Now there’s a dedicated holster for the long-handled net that you’ve been tucking in your belt anyway (but now the net won’t slide around).  Now your hip pack fastens to your wading belt itself, and it’s able to slide, so you can access it when you want, and stash it when you want it out of the way.  Now there’s a shoulder strap for added support, which also features a fly/work station so you can keep the “on deck circle” on the ready.

Smart, smart, smart.  One hundred bucks all-in, and $50 bucks if you only want the belt part (with the net holder) called the West Bank Belt.  Good stuff.

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