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IFTD 2018 Gear Coverage: Winston PURE

Posted on July 12 2018

Winston went out and did some soul-searching, and then developed a rod with soul. It’s the rod you imagine when you think of classic Winston. Genuine feel. Medium action. Gorgeous aesthetics. This isn’t a casting rod, it’s a fishing rod, meant to enhance all aspects of what go into fishing (including casting).

You’ll immediately feel it when you pick it up with its scaled-down grip. Not cheaper-smaller… smarter smaller… you hand goes where your hand belongs, right within the margins. You feel the flex in the butt section as you cast. You see the pinpoint accuracy as you make the casts. The guides line up tightly with the blank, which keeps the line close and true to the mark. It’s a pleasure to cast, and made for technical presentations, dry-fly situations. In other words, it’s the rod you would choose to fish on your “happy-perfect” days. Every angler has her/his own preferences and casting style, but in our opinion this is the most “landmark” rod Winston has made in several years. It’s the one we’ll be talking about 10 years from now. ($875)

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