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Increase in release brings change of plans.

Posted on October 15 2016

With the River Master sending 1500 CFS of dirty water down the WB and Lordville going from 500 CFS to 1700 CFS,  I was off to fish the Beaverkill and EB.  Both are incredibly low and clear and many of the pools and runs do not seem to hold fish at the current water levels.

I found fish (mostly rainbows)  in some of the deeper runs and riffs.  The fish are no doubt wary of eagles, mergansers and osprey and will not stay in quiet pools that are too shallow to offer  protection from predator attack..

There were very few flies hatching and I saw but one fish rise. Pseudos were again the most abundant fly hatching.  At the end of the day my fly patch had a pseudo, an iso, a spinner and a caddis on it.  The only fly that failed to catch a fish?  You guessed it, the pseudo.

A beautiful and heavy 19 inch rainbow was fish of the day!

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