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Insider Alaska Fishing Tips

Posted on June 04 2013

Alaska Insider Tips
And don’t forget to smile pretty.

How about just three handy tips for fishing trips to Alaska, from the team that has spent a whole heck of a bunch of years up there?

Alaska Insider Fishing Tips

  1. Keep the DEET away from your fishing gear.  It’s by far the most effective repellent when the bugs are really bad, but DEET is not good for flies, leaders, or PVC fly lines.  Use it sparingly and in keep it away from your gear.  Don’t spray down your palms and then grab your fly line, and definitely don’t douse yourself right upwind of your buddy as he rigs up.  Our favorite DEET is Ultrathon spray.
  2. Trout on sunny days, salmon on cloudy days.  Most salmon tend to be more aggressive towards flies on cloudy days.  Trout fishing is generally better when it’s sunny, because you can fish around structure better, and you and the fish can both see the fly better.  So don’t go into your trip with a hard-headed plan – see what weather you’re given and make the call as you go.
  3. Bring an eye mask.  Speaking of sun…there’s a heck of a lot of summer daylight in the 49th state!  Although the sun technically sets unless you’re north of the Arctic Circle, in much of Alaska it basically doesn’t get dark in June and a lot of July.  Unless you’re used to sleeping with the light on, bring along an eye mask.  You’re going to need your sleep after fighting all those fish.

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