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Introducing... ETHOS Fly Rods

Posted on June 14 2018

I only know him as Mclean and have enjoyed following ETHOS Fly Rods on Instagram to keep up with his latest builds that seem to be flowing out of the shop on a very regular basis.  I like that each of his builds are completely different than his last and that there is no lack of creativity in every fly rod completed.

I know that I have railed on "Forget About the Damn Blank Color" before but fiberglass fly rod blanks sure make an interesting canvas of sorts to build off of.

ETHOS Fly Rods has been added to the Fiberglass Rod Shops page and I asked Mclean if he'd provide a few images of recent builds along with some background of why his does what he does.

Mclean wrote...  "I predominantly build on blanks I get factory direct from overseas; unfortunately they are not "Made in USA" blanks.  But I also build on whatever the customer requests.  I do not roll glass blanks though I wish I did.  I also build graphite rods and those blanks are the ones I have began to design.  I have a saltwater blank design that I'm in the processing of fine tuning which I'm excited to release to market."

Visit the ETHOS Fly Rods for more info and follow along on Instagram for the latest shop news.

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