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"Invisaswivel" Adds a New Spin to Terminal Tackle

Posted on January 25 2011

The InvisaSwivel from Aquateko has been engineered and crafted using an advanced fluorocarbon material called “fluoro-clear.” The material is semi-soft, neutrally buoyant, and flexible.

The clear InvisaSwivel appears to take on the color of the water, rendering them virtually transparent. They turn easily and can flex a full 180-degrees in your fingers before quickly popping back into their original shape —  with no adverse affects to the semi-soft material’s strength.

“One of the biggest advantages of fishing with an InvisaSwivel,” says tournament bass angler, Chris McDonald, “is the neutral buoyancy. I typically cast Carolina rigs into the shallows so I can observe the action of the lure, see how the soft plastic actually looks to the fish. When I conducted this test with the InvisaSwivel tied on, I was impressed that it actually gave soft plastics a freer, more natural dancing action than I could ever achieve with a regular metal swivel. InvisaSwivel provides a dependable, totally natural connection between braid and a fluorocarbon or mono leader.”

The Invisaswivel is available in several sizes at Aquateko’s Web site.  Pricing starts at $4.99/5 pieces.

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