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Jack-in-the-Bob: Gadget Review

Posted on September 12 2018

A reminder that Angling Trade’s intern extraordinaire, Jack Nickens, worked all summer in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, guiding foremost… but also doing some product reviews for us on the side. Jack is out of the “BOB” but still has some thoughts on products he used this summer. Please stay tuned for more reviews…




Smith Creek Rig Keeper

When ripping a streamer through the water, nothing is worse than getting hung up on a piece of loses tippet snagged on a rock. The Smith Creek Rig Keeper allows you to quickly wrap old tipped around the shank and a rubber clip holds it in place. For guides, it is a great tool to have on you to not only keep tippet out of the water, but show clients ways that they can help keep our rivers clean when they return home.

Fly Fishing Catch a Lure

I have looked a fool many times climbing trees to try and save that last fly that the fish are crushing, and sometimes I can’t reach it. With the FF-CAL in your arsenal, some of those instances could be avoided. Either as a clip on piece for the tip top of your rod, or a telescoping handle, the FF-CAL is an easy fit for your walk/wade bag and your boat bag.

Loon Nip’n’Sip 2

These heavy duty clippers cut everything from 20 lb. test, to bailing twine, to 5x tippet all summer long. While heavier than your average pair of nippers, these nippers are equipped with an attached lanyard as well as a bottle opener. Never again will you smash the side of a bottle cap on the side of your drift boat!



Dry Fly Armory Rig Up

When the fishing is hot and a client breaks off their rig, you want to be able to get them back in the game as fast as possible. The Rig Up allows you to pre-tie nymph rigs, dry dropper rigs, or double dry rigs and keep them wrapped around a piece of foam for easy access. While you might not always know what the fish will be hitting that day, it is nice to have a couple pre-set options to throw when need be. Plus, you can tie a few more rigs at lunch!

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