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Jack-in-the-Bob: Head-to-Toe Angler

Posted on July 10 2018

A reminder that Angling Trade’s intern extraordinaire, Jack Nickens, is working away in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, guiding foremost… but also doing some product reviews for us on the side. We have a pretty full slate lined up for him already, so please stay tuned for more reviews. Here’s his latest…

Rock Treads
The time you hook into a 30-plus-inch bull trout is the same time when you quickly learn how hard it is to run down a moving river with slippery rocks. Rock Treads are aluminum disks that screw into the soles of your wading boots and grip rocks like velcro. My mind is never completely at ease knowing I could bust my butt in front of clients when chasing down a fish, but knowing that I have Rock Treads on definitely helps.

Chota Hybrid Wading Boot
Hiking into backcountry fishing holes became a lot more comfortable with the Chota Hybrid Wading Boot. This lightweight wading boot (weighing under 15 ounces apiece) doesn’t feel like a pair of concrete shoes after mile 3, all the while giving you some ankle support while wading with elastic laces than can be cinched down tight.

Orvis Jackson Quick Dry Pant
These pants dry in the blink of an eye, which is not only helpful when wading, but also when the lodge generator is generator is turned off. With no electricity, the Jackson Quick Dry Pants can be washed in a sink, or the river, and put back on faster than a washer and dryer could do the job. They also can be worn straight from the stream to the saloon with no one taking notice.

Sage Guide Shirt
The Sage Guide Shirt is by far the softest fishing shirt I have ever worn and I have even slept in it more times than I care to admit. This shirt is great for keeping the sun off your skin on blistering days so you can stay cool. My favorite feature is the “stealth” zipper concealed under a gusset to ensure that your fly line does not get tangles in your shirt.

Sitka Mid-Weight Layer
This layer is the most versatile piece of clothing I have with me. Whether I need it as a base layer on a cold day, or as a light jacket while tying flies at night, the Sitka Core Mid Weight Zip T gets the job done. But beware, if you wear it for 6 days in a row, people WILL notice and could make a snarky comment. The only thing you can do then is wear it the next day!

Orvis Men’s Pro Wading Jacket
Last Saturday guiding for 8 straight hours in one of those constant, hard drizzles that make makes you dread sticking your hands in the water to unhook a fish because you know you are going to get a cold underarm bath the next time you lift your arm to row or cast. But with the tight cuffs of the Orvis Men’s Pro Wading Jacket, your forearms won’t get soaking wet. Armed with two different anchor points for zingers and forceps, this jacket is designed to keep you organized even in a downpour. The chest-high hand warmer pockets are also a great feature for those cold days watching clients swing streamers.

Outdoor Research Seattle Waterproof Sombrero Hat
When a cold rain comes through and you want to keep the rain out and the heat in, the OR Seattle Waterproof Hat does the job. With a lined interior, this hat will keep your head toasty and a super wide brim will drain water so a hood is unnecessary allowing you to forgo a hood, increasing your ability to hear your clients ask you to untangle their 50th knot of the day. Not to mention that it has also been my lucky hat for the past 5 years.

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