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Jason Whiting’s Silver Rig

Posted on January 29 2016

Alaska West guide, Jason Whiting, with a Silver Salmon.
Silvers don’t like Jason.. Photo David Kalinowski.

It’s been a while since we ran an edition of our ‘Expert Rig‘ series of posts – where we highlight all the details on how the experts rig up when targeting our favorite species. We’ve also had silver salmon on our mind as of late, so today we present you with Alaska West guide, Jason Whiting’s rig of choice for – you got it – Silver salmon!

Jason is one of our senior guides at Alaska West, and if you’ve ever fished with him, you know he really knows his stuff. He loves chasing ocean-bright coho, and when he does, this is his weapon of choice.

The Summary

  • ECHO2 890-4 (9 Foot, 8 Weight)
  • Ross Momentum LT 4
  • RIO InTouch Salmo/Steelhead – 8 Weight

The Detail

  • 3o lb. Dacron backing attached to reel with arbor knot.
  • 8 Weight RIO InTouch Salmo/Steelhead fly line attached to backing via a loop to loop connection between the welded loop of the fly line and a bimini twist in the backing.
  • 9 foot leader attached to fly line with a loop to loop connection using a perfection loop.
  • Leader is constructed with six feet of 20 lb. Maxima Ultragreen attached to three feet of 15 lb. Maxima Ultragreen with a blood knot.
  • Fly attached to leader with a non slip mono loop.
  • As far as the fly patten goes.. C’mon now, attach something pink to a hook and they’ll probably eat it!

The Commentary

  • “When it comes to my fishing gear, I’m a creature of habit. I find something that fits me well and I stick with it. As a result, I still fish with the same rod I used the very first time I ventured up to Alaska to chase Silvers with my family over 10 years ago. For the past couple years, while guiding I kept thinking it will be the last year My ECHO2 will survive, but it continues to impress me when it corks over fighting a sea lice covered Silver just as well as it did fresh out of the packaging.”
  • “The same goes for my reel. I have fallen and hit it against rocks, the boat, and done pretty much anything else possible expecting it to not survive after, but despite a few chips missing, it has been just rock solid for me. And, it also makes a pretty sweet scream as a big Silver tries to escape back to the salt water it just came from.”
  • “For silver salmon, I love fishing big flies with even bigger dumbbell eyes, down as close to the ocean as possible. Therefore the Rio InTouch Salmo/Steelhead fly line fits my casting style and fly choice very well. All I have to do is a quick roll cast to straighten my line out, followed by one or two back casts, and I can send my fly anywhere a Silver may be around me. The taper controls big flies very well, and with virtually zero energy can shoot line much further than ever seems necessary.”
  • “And, did you know silvers like pink flies? Well, if you were still unaware of that – They do! And if you ever see me change from pink, the fish must truly be doing something weird that day. I’ll change size and profile depending on where I am or the particular day, but as far as color goes, not so much.”

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