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Jerry French’s ‘Dirty Hoh’ Coming to a Fly Shop Near You

Posted on September 20 2016

Aqua Flies, Jerry French's 'Dirty Hoh' Fly Pattern.
French’s ‘Dirty Hoh,’ steelhead size, black/blue version. Photo: Aqua Flies.

If you like to swinging flies, odds are you recognize the name of steelhead guru and Alaska West guide, Jerry French. Along with his friends, Ed Ward and Scott Howell, Jerry was part of the braintrust behind one of the most widely used fly patterns in modern Northwest steelhead fishing; The Intruder.

Since its creation, numerous steelhead and salmon flies have been born from the foundation of the original Intruder, including Jerry’s latest (and we’d vote greatest) pattern, the ‘Dirty Hoh.’ A pattern best characterized as a cross between a string leech and an Intruder, the Dirty Hoh has been making waves in the world of anadramous fly fishing for some time now, but has yet to be available commercially.. That is until now!

Jerry recently teemed up with the good folks at Aqua Flies to create a stunning series of flies you can pick up at your local Aqua dealer today! The Dirty Hoh is available in two sizes; a steelhead size at 3.5 inches, a chinook size at 4 inches, and is currently available in three deadly colors; black/blue, pink, and chartreuse/black. We’ll leave the particulars to Jerry himself (a topic for another post), but what we can say is we’ve seen it catch literally every species available on our home river at Alaska West, so its probably in your best interest to pick some up. For more information, visit your local fly shop, or check them out at Aqua Flies’ website by clicking right here.

Jerry French's 'Dirty Hoh' Fly Pattern for Salmon and Steelhead
Not just for steelhead. Photo: Hugh Curry.

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