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JP ROSS FLY RODS - The Beaver Meadow Glass Series

Posted on November 03 2015

Jordan Ross of JP Ross Fly Rods has been really busy for the last year with several new fiberglass fly rod projects and the first to roll out of the shop is the new Beaver Meadow Glass series.

The Beaver Meadow Glass series is offered in two colors (Spring Green and Antique White) and in two sizes with a three piece 7' three weight and 8' five weight.  The most interesting part of all of this is that these fly rods are offered three ways as a built fly rod, build it yourself kit, or the fly rod blank alone. 

Jordan wrote...  "The new Beaver Meadow Glass is available in two colors.  Spring Green, like our standard Beaver Meadow and also an Antique Milk White.  These fly rods are medium action, not nearly as slow as some and not quite as crisp fast like others offered.  I guess, they are just they way we like them which is a true medium progressive.  You can jump up and down a fly line weight on these very easily and in fact one of our testers actually used a five weight on his seven foot three weight for a bit to roll cast big streamers.  

The ferrules are spigot ferules and they are all hand tuned by me.  It is important to note that I did not add any re-enforcement to the ferrules in order to keep the cost down on the blanks.   I wanted to offer a blank, kit and rod from us that was really reasonable.

The reel seats on these rods are also pretty nice.  They are black anodized and have an image of a trout from above that we engrave in house.  We call it the ZEN TROUT.  The reel seats are double locking and go with our cork & composite grips.  We also offer one inch fight butts too for those interested. 

The built rods have single foot guides, which we believe makes the rod lighter and shoots line better than any double foot.  We wrap them in clear thread also. 

Rods and fly rod kits also can get a free custom inscription. 

Thank you for the support through the years.  We are so very proud to be a U.S.A. fly rod maker for nearly 20 years and have built over 6000 rods.  We have been hanging with the big boys for quite some time and have learned a lot along the way, most importantly that all you need to do is "Simply Fish."

Mark Usyk of Streamer Junkie and Joseph Lloyd of Stream Lyrics have been instrumental in the testing of these fly rods and more information and photographs can be found on each of their pages on the JP Ross Fly Rods website.

JP Ross Fly Rods has set up a discount code of "TFM" to be used in the online cart which will give you $40 off your purchase of a finished fly rod, pre-build kit, or a blank and this is a great opportunity to try one of these exciting new offerings while keeping some money in your piggy bank too.

Check out the Beaver Meadow Glass series website pages for more information.

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