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Just How Big Is a Ten Pound Bonefish?

Posted on February 23 2016

Big Bonefish from Andros South.
This fish was over 30 inches. Photo: Norman Rolle.

Every fishery has its benchmark fish. The trophy fish. The size fish that everyone’s after. On South Andros, such fish is the ten pound bonefish, and we’re lucky to see quite a few of them over the course of a season.

A double digit bonefish is certainly a milestone for any serious flats angler, but when the fish comes to hand the question becomes; just how big is a ten pound bonefish anyway? Duh.. Ten pounds, right?

We prefer not to weigh fish if we can help it. We’d rather keep them in the water as much as possible. Plus, some believe that devices used to measure fish out of the water can cause significant damage to the fish as well. We’re not sure if they do or not, but as always we like to give the well being of the fish the benefit of the doubt.

Instead, we prefer to take a simple length measurement. If the fish is 30 inches or longer, it’s probably safe to say it’s a double digit bonefish.

30 inches equals 10 pounds. Simple as that!

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