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Just one of those days.

Posted on October 19 2016

Been fishing the Beaverkill since last Saturday.  Every day the same, good fish rising in the pools from 1:00 'til dark.  Very few anglers on the water, so you you have your choice of pools.  Water is very clear and low, fish are very careful about what they eat but they can be fooled. A perfect situation for dry fly fishermen.

So whats the problem?

Well the Beaverkill is part of the Delaware River System and if you have a good day on the Delaware they say "don't go back".  Well, today was bright and sunny just like the other days, maybe a little breezier and little cooler than yesterday but basically another beautiful fall day.  Except the fish and bugs took the day off!

I fished different pools again today and when I didn't see fish I went back to pools where I found fish earlier in the week,  Even went up the upper east in hopes that the increased flow would liven things up there.  All a waste of time. The fish just were not up.  Didn't check to see if there was a big change in pressure but something  put them down.

Hope no one took the day off and came down on my say so.

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