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Keeping Things Organized

Posted on April 10 2010

Vado's ready for you.  Photo: Louis Cahill
Vado's ready for you. Photo: Louis Cahill

True, South Andros Island is a very laid-back place.  True, one of the reasons our guests love it is that it gives them a chance to escape from the stress and hubbub of their lives back home.

On the other hand, one thing that makes a trip to Andros South relaxing is that our team approaches their jobs in a way that is anything but laid back.

Boats run well.  We don’t run out of gas.  If you break a rod we’ve got a backup for you.  Food is fresh, rooms are clean, we’ve got a daily schedule and things pretty much happen on time.

Yeah, you’re in the islands, mon, but we still work pretty darned hard to keep things organized.

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