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Kicked Out

Posted on June 22 2015

I slid the kayak into the pond just after 6 a.m. on Father's Day morning as I was more or less kicked out of the house so that the family could prepare breakfast and wrap my gift.  I didn't fight it at all as I certainly wasn't going to complain about getting a pond fix before working on a few outside chores the rest of the day. 

It was a beautiful morning with a fog rolling off the pond as I arrived.  We're in week two of afternoon temperatures near and over 100 degrees each day which has warmed the pond up to bath water and there is a lot of activity with turtles poking their heads up, bugs everywhere, and the occasional slurp of a surface feed.

I made a long cast of the foam fly up against a group of lily pads, looked away to take in the grandeur of the morning, and heard the unmistakable suck of a large bass.  Surprised I looked back to where the fly had been and it was replaced with large rings in the surface.  I lifted the rod to feel it buck with a heavy fish.  One thump, two thump, and then nothing.  Bass gone.  DAMN...    

Fortunately I was able to catch a few other bass during this morning out but that lost bass was the one that I really wanted to touch.  Maybe next time...

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