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Libra Coffee Redefines “Instant Coffee” With New Product: POURTABLES

Posted on October 20 2016

libra-27From Pourtables:

Today, Libra Coffee — the coffee roasting company with a clean water mission — announces the release of their newest product, POURTABLES, just in time for the holidays.

Their new product focuses on the outdoor and adventure market promising the luxury of craft coffee anywhere life likes you.

POURTABLES’ innovative design only requires hot water to produce a fresh, quality cup of coffee. Each
packet is filled with pre-ground organic coffee in a pour-over filter and flushed with nitrogen to maintain
optimum freshness. To use, one just needs to tear open the pouch, set the filter on top of their favorite coffee mug, pour hot water over, and enjoy.

“I made this product because I love buy xanax pills good coffee and I love the outdoors,” says Eric Medina, Founder of Libra
Coffee. “The worst part about camping is the coffee – until now.”

Libra Coffee is dedicated to continuing the delivery of clean water filters to the communities where they source their coffee. For every box of POURTABLES sold, 2 people receive clean drinking water at origin.


About Libra Coffee: Libra Coffee is a roasting company based in San Diego, CA. A portion of all their sales
goes toward the distribution of clean water filters to communities in developing nations where their coffee
beans are sourced. The Founder, Eric Medina, has his Masters degree in the Science and Economy of Coffee.

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