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LynQ: A new way to track people (for safety) in the backcountry

Posted on May 21 2018

If you’re looking for a new means to let people at home base know where you are in the backcountry (or perhaps keep tabs on guide clients, etc.) check out LynQ,  a people tracking device that works without smartphones, apps or Wi-Fi connectivity and shows the location of people relative to each other up to 3 miles.  It’s a great way for anglers to stay connected outdoors because you can set up meeting locations and even define an area that will alert the group if someone leaves it. As a notable proof point, a series of military tests showed (among other stats) that LynQ improved injured soldier recovery times by 61%, which is a great testament to locating anyone that gets separated or lost. This is especially important if you happen to bring a young children on a trip. LynQ is launched commercially on Indiegogo on May 15. The super early bird price is $154 for two trackers, and there is no subscription required to use the device after that.

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