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May is for Mentoring!

Posted on March 21 2017


There is concern that the sport of fly fishing is represented by an aging population and needs to introduce a new younger generation to fill its ranks. Please accept this invitation to introduce a new fly fisher to our sport in May. My idea, “May is for Mentoring” has the potential to make a positive boost to fly fishing!

Pick a day and take a child, teenager, cousin, wife, or friend for a day of mentoring that just might change their lives forever. Hatches are happening, water is cold enough for trout, and warm enough for bass and bluegills, so select your option.

“May is for Mentoring” is not trademarked. I want you to steal my idea Every T.U. club, I.F.F.F. group, fly shop, manufacturer, and fly fisher who wants to pass along their passion for our sport must band together and create a mentoring movement. Share your success on social media and make everyone, everywhere, and every day in May special for the future of fly fishing.

Chuck Furimsky

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