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Michael White’s Bonefish Rig

Posted on October 25 2010

Whitey, bonefishin'.
Whitey, bonefishin'.

Michael White fishes lots of different places around the world as a manufacturer’s rep for Simms, Ross and Idylwilde.  One of the places he visits every year happens to be Andros South.

On any given day at Andros South, here’s the rig that you’re likely to find Whitey using to chase bonefish.

The Summary

  • Ross Essence FW 890-4 Rod
  • Ross Momentum LT #4 Reel (but next year I’ll be using a Ross F1)
  • Rio Tropical Clouser in an 8 weight

The Detail

  • 30 pound Dacron backing attached to the spool with an arbor knot
  • Double bimini loop tied by Charlie Craven in the fly line end of the backing
  • Double nail knot loop in the back end of the fly line, connected to the backing with loop to loop connection
  • 9 foot 15 pound leader tied to the front end of the fly line with a nail knot
  • 3 – 5 feet of 12 pound Rio Fluorflex Plus tippet tied to the front end of the fly line with a blood knot
  • Idylwilde Morrish’s West Side #4 tied to the tippet with a non-slip mono loop

The Commentary

  • “I like the Tropical Clouser because its aggressive taper does a good job turning over longer leaders and bigger flies.”
  • “The Tropical Clouser comes with welded loops on both ends, but I cut them off and use a double nail knot loop on the back end of the line, and a nail knot to the leader.  That’s just how I’ve always done it.”
  • “I use tapered leaders because they allow just one knot in my leader system – between the leader and the tippet.  One blood knot instead of a bunch of blood knots in the leader slides through grassy bottoms a lot easier.”

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