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Michael White’s Chile Trout Rig

Posted on November 15 2010

Whitey works a Chilean dropoff.
Whitey works a Chilean dropoff.

Today we’ve got another in our long line of ‘Expert Rig’ posts – giving you a detailed look at how various career anglers set up their stuff when they go fishing.

Michael White – Simms/Ross/Idylwilde rep, former Alaska guide, music trivia boy genius – likes fishing with us at Chile West.  Here’s his rig for a typical day of trout fishing in Southern Chile.

You’ll notice there’s nothing revolutionary here – it’s all nail knots and clinch knots and floating lines and 5 weights.  Maybe you’ll learn something and maybe you won’t, but it’s always good to know that simple works, right?

The Summary

  • Ross Essence FC 590-4 Rod
  • Ross Evolution LT #2 Reel
  • SA Sharkskin Line, 5 weight

The Detail

  • 20 pound dacron backing, attached to the spool with an arbor knot
  • Fly line attached to the backing with a nail knot
  • 7 1/2 foot 3x Rio tapered leader, tied to the front of the fly line with a nail knot
  • Idylwilde Chubby Chernobyl tied directly to the leader with an improved clinch knot
  • 18 – 24 inches of 4x Rio Fluoroflex Plus tied to the bend of the hook with an improved clinch knot
  • #6 Idylwilde Tungsten 20 incher tied to the dropper leader with an improved clinch knot

The Commentary

  • “The Essence FC is a middle price point rod in Ross’s lineup, but I really like the action that it has.  It’s fast-action, with a really nice tip that helps turn over lots of different kinds of rigs.”
  • “I think that Sharkskin line is just the best casting line out there.  It’s slick and, just like the rod, helps get things turned over nicely.”
  • “I fish dry/dropper rigs a lot in Chile.  The giant dries raise a lot of fish down there, and the fact that they can float big tungsten nymphs is a huge bonus.  If you vary the length of the leader to your dropper rig, you can fish all kinds of water in Chile really effectively with this setup.”

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