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Mike Lawson and the Railroad Ranch

Posted on April 24 2007

“The baritone voice resonating through the phone line was warm, unmistakable. ‘We’re in for a great baetis hatch,’ Mike Lawson drawled. ‘The bugs are coming off and the fish are really on them.'” Charlie Meyers fishes with Mike Lawson, dean of Idaho’s Henry’s Fork, and watches how the man who pretty much defined technical fishing in that part of the world defeats the wind. In the Denver Post.
You can read an excerpt from Mike Lawson’s Spring Creeks on MidCurrent. From “Unmatching the Hatch:” “One of the myths of spring-creek fishing is that you can’t catch trout unless you know exactly what the trout are feeding on and select a fly that precisely matches the insect they’re eating. I have known some very good anglers who carry only a few simple patterns that catch a lot of fish. Their theory is that if you make a perfect presentation it doesn’t matter what fly you use.”

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