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Missed the Set? Cast Again!

Posted on January 28 2013

Cast Again
Listen to Norman. Photo: Adam Kryder.

Today we’ve got another friendly reminder that you shouldn’t give up when you’re presenting your fly to bonefish in a place like South Andros.

Adam Kryder‘s on site at Andros South, and the words today are his.

Cast Again

There is one incredibly important aspect of bonefishing that is often overlooked. What do you do when you miss the strip set? Strip setting on a bonefish that is coming toward you while the boat is simultaneously being pushed by the wind toward the bonefish makes a strip set difficult. You may hook the fish but not as well as you desired, which usually results in the fish escaping rather quickly.

When this happens do not become overcome by frustration. Keep your eyes on the bonefish and take another shot! You will be surprised by the results.

The other day I was talking with our guide Norman.  Norman explained, “Yah man, many fisherman not be castin’ again. They be gettin’ all angry and not knowin’ that the bonefish hungry. He still gonna eat, all they need do is cast again.”

So next time you’re out, remember Norman’s advice.  Stay calm, stay determined, and stay with a tight line more often!

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