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"Mom Says the Cheap Fuel Is Gone"

Posted on May 30 2008

Randal Sumner suggests you consider the per-gallon price of Diet Snapple and printer ink before you let your hatred of the Greedy Rotten Oil Companies get in the way selling that 3-ton rig and carpooling. “The cubicle people seem unhappy, restless and, I sense, horrified that their garages are full of gas guzzlers. What were you thinking when you bought that whopper one-ton truck with a tractor motor, especially if you’re not using the thing for work. Now don’t get me wrong. I am a free marketer — I say if you want a big, smoking, rod-knocking beast of a rig, go for it, but then your whining later comes off a bit disingenuous.” In the Yakima Herald-Republic.

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