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Monic is Developing a “No Memory” Fly Line

Posted on February 22 2017

monic-logoHow much do you know about Monic fly fines?  Known as ‘eco-friendly’ alternatives, Monic also pushes the boundaries on coatings, camouflage, etc.  Every once in a while, they shoot us something without a label, or any fanfare and ask us to check it out.  The latest is a fly line concoction that the company claimed has no “memory.”  Have to say… after a few days of noodling around with the thing, it seems to work.

Many anglers are fond of using a strand of “Amnesia” line as a leader-to-fly line transition, because it is stiff and will help turn the leader over.  And line memory (the coils and kinks that bunch up) is an absolute distance killer for the fly cast… especially for anglers who don’t straighten and stretch a fly line.

Imagine not having to straighten the line.  We can’t kink or bend it.  But, believe it or not, it’s supple enough to facilitate normal casting performance in a typical fly rod.  It rolls easy.  It shoots.  It doesn’t seem too vulnerable to abrasion.

We need to fish it more.  We need to learn more about it, including the price.  But consider this a heads up on what might actually be an interesting new option in the fly line realm.

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