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Montana Guide Dies in Bitterroot Rafting Accident

Posted on June 18 2008

David Dedmon, owner of Montana Flywater Company in Hamilton, Montana, died Sunday after the raft he and his wife were using flipped over in the Bitterroot River. They were scouting the river to be sure it was safe for clients. “‘He wasn’t a rookie,” [Ravalli County Sheriff Chris] Hoffman said. ‘He’d spent a lot of time on the river. This accident was simply a very painful reminder of how dangerous this river can be. Every year, we beg and plead with people to be patient and wait until the river comes down.'” The Bitterroot River is considered by many to be one of the most perilous in the state, primarily because of the number of log jams and sweepers on the river.” Anthony Quirini on
If you must float a river that has dangerous sweepers and debris in it, wear a personal flotation device at all times, and learn the defensive swim position: on your back, with feet facing downstream, and toes up so that your feet do not get trapped in debris.

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