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More Random Bonefishing Tips

Posted on October 16 2012

Bonefish Tips by Louis Cahill Photography
Fish like Bruce. Photo: Louis Cahill

In honor of the upcoming start of our season at Andros South (this weekend!), we present you with three more random bonefishing tips.

  1. Keep the leash and your rod tip on the same side of the boat at all times. From our friend Bruce Chard comes this new way to look at the ready position on the bow of a skiff.  Bruce calls the fly line that’s outside your rod tip the ‘leash’.  If your rod tip is facing to the right and your leash of line is draped across the front of the boat, to the left side of the skiff,  the boat will then float over your leash of line – creating issues when trying to start your cast. Try to keep both your leash and your rod tip on the same side of the boat at all times.
  2. Keep the deck clean.  Especially on days when you’re doing a mix of wading and poling, getting in and out of the boat can result in sand and/or dirt finding its way onto the front casting deck.  Sand and other grit on your fly line is terrible for your casting in the short term, and even worse for the coating of your fly line in the long term.  If you hop up on the deck and it’s dirty, take the 10 seconds to splash it clean with some water.
  3. Take good care of the fish.  Follow Bonefish and Tarpon Trust’s best practices for catch and release – part one and part two.

More Bonefishing Tips

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